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Exploration Days

Mad Science provides the instructors and equipment for 6 different stations that your students can explore. Groups of 100 will be rotated through so that each student has one hour of hands-on science fun. There will be an overview at the beginning of each group’s session to introduce the activities and science concepts that the students will be exploring.

6 Stations – Accommodates 100 children per hour

Science Station Topics: The following fantastic stations will be provided at your Exploration Day. The same activities will be done with all grade levels; however, the scientific explanations will change, depending on the ages of the children.

Optical Illusions: Baffle your mind with fascinating optical illusions. Learn about reflection, lenses and how light travels. (Scientific Principles: Scientific method and Changes in matter)

Magnets: Discover the wonders of magnetism. Use magnets to defy gravity and levitate objects. Students will observe a magnetic liquid and see magnetic fields. (Scientific Principles: Interactions between matter and energy)

Vandegraaff Generator: Have fun and learn about static electricity with this hair-raising station. Our instructor will give explanations and allow the children to enjoy a close-up electrifying experience. (Scientific Principles: Physical properties, Conductivity, and Electricity)

Dry Ice: Explore the states of matter and watch in amazement as we demonstrate the extraordinary properties of dry ice. (Scientific Principles: States of matter, Physical reactions, and Sublimation)

Energy: Learn about potential and kinetic energy in this active hands-on station. Test your skill and our catapults to fling creepy crawly spiders and insects into a pit of doom (a bucket). (Scientific Principles: Kinetic and Potential energy)

Polymers: Discover the ooey-gooey origins of plastic as we explore the stretchy world of polymers. Watch a chemical display as a polymer melts before your eyes. (Scientific Principles: Polymer science, States of matter, and Chemical reactions)


Exploration Day Facts:

· One or Two days of exciting hands-on activities

· Age-appropriate one-hour sessions

· “Exploration Quiz” at the end

· Teachers will be furnished pre and post material to extend learning into the classroom

· Six educational stations for students to explore

· An introduction at the beginning of each session

· A review at the conclusion of each session

· Mad Science provides all staff, materials and cleanup


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